Saudi Arabia’s Latest Announcement: Eight More Countries Added to Visit Visa Eligibility List

Saudi Arabia introduces e-visa for 8 new countries

In a significant move towards enhancing its tourism industry and promoting cultural exchange, Saudi Arabia has recently made an exciting announcement. The Kingdom’s government declared that citizens of eight additional countries will now be eligible to obtain visit visas, bringing the total number to 57 countries eligible for Saudi’s e-visa. This development marks a major step forward in opening up the nation to international tourists, fostering global connections, and diversifying the economy. The move is expected to have a profound impact on the country’s tourism sector and present new opportunities for both locals and visitors alike.

Expanded Eligibility for Visit Visas:

As part of its Vision 2030 initiative, Saudi Arabia has been actively seeking to reduce its dependence on oil revenues and diversify its economy. One of the key pillars of this ambitious roadmap is to transform the nation into a leading tourist destination. In line with this vision, the Saudi government has identified the importance of attracting international visitors to explore the country’s rich history, heritage, and unique landscapes.

With this latest announcement, citizens from eight countries, carefully chosen based on their potential to contribute positively to Saudi Arabia’s tourism industry, will now be able to apply for visit visas. The e-visa will be valid for one complete year, allowing multiple entries and a stay of up to 90 days. While the specific names of the countries were not mentioned in the initial announcement, it is anticipated that they will likely include a mix of Asian, African, and European nations, opening the doors for an even more diverse pool of tourists.

Boosting Tourism and Economic Growth:

Saudi Arabia’s decision to expand its visit visa eligibility reflects a growing awareness of the economic benefits that tourism can bring. By allowing tourists from these countries to experience the country’s rich culture, natural wonders, and historical landmarks, Saudi Arabia aims to create a positive image in the international community, encourage repeat visits, and foster economic growth in the hospitality and travel sectors.

The increased influx of tourists is expected to generate significant revenue for the local economy. It will drive demand for accommodation, transportation, and various services, thereby creating job opportunities for Saudi nationals and expatriates working in the hospitality industry. Furthermore, this move could act as a catalyst for various business ventures and investments as visitors explore the country’s potential for trade and commerce.

Promoting Cultural Exchange and Understanding:

One of the key advantages of opening up to international tourists is the potential for enhanced cultural exchange and mutual understanding. As visitors from different countries explore Saudi Arabia’s diverse landscapes and interact with its people, they can gain a deeper appreciation for the nation’s rich heritage and traditions. Likewise, Saudi citizens will have the opportunity to engage with visitors from various cultural backgrounds, fostering tolerance, respect, and global harmony.

Tourism, beyond its economic benefits, is a powerful tool for promoting cultural diplomacy. By allowing citizens of diverse countries to experience Saudi Arabia firsthand, the nation can break down stereotypes, dispel misconceptions, and promote a more positive image of itself on the global stage.

Security and Sustainability:

While welcoming international visitors, Saudi Arabia remains committed to ensuring security and stability within its borders. Stringent measures and robust visa application procedures will continue to be implemented to safeguard the country’s sovereignty and the well-being of both tourists and citizens.

Moreover, the government is taking steps to promote sustainable tourism practices. Preservation of the environment, protection of historical sites, and responsible tourism will be prioritized to ensure the long-term well-being of Saudi Arabia’s natural and cultural assets.


Saudi Arabia’s latest announcement to include citizens of eight additional countries in its visit visa eligibility list is a significant step forward in realizing its Vision 2030 goals. By embracing international tourists, the Kingdom aims to unlock its vast potential as a unique destination with a rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality.

As the nation opens its doors to an increasingly diverse group of visitors, Saudi Arabia is poised to reap the economic benefits of tourism while also promoting cultural exchange and global understanding. With careful planning and sustainable practices, the Kingdom is determined to chart a path towards a prosperous and culturally vibrant future.

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