Top 10 Cafés in Delhi NCR for Couples in 2023

Top 10 Cafés in Delhi NCR You Must Visit
Check out some of the best cafes in Delhi, NCR

The bustling streets of Delhi NCR are known for their rich history, vibrant culture, and delectable cuisine. Among the many gastronomic delights that this region offers, its café culture stands out as a testament to its evolving and diverse culinary scene. From quaint hideaways to chic hangouts, Delhi NCR boasts an array of cafés that cater to every taste and preference. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, a tea aficionado, or simply seeking a cozy spot to unwind, these top 10 cafés in Delhi NCR are sure to captivate your senses and leave you craving for more.

  1. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

For the coffee enthusiasts, Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters is a haven of freshly brewed delights. With a commitment to sourcing high-quality beans from Indian coffee estates, this café takes you on a journey of aromatic flavors. From single-origin espressos to cold brews, Blue Tokai offers an authentic coffee experience.

Instagram: @bluetokaicoffee

Cost for two: ₹1,200 (approx.)

  1. Diggin

Nestled amidst the greenery of the Garden of Five Senses, Diggin is a whimsical café that exudes charm and elegance. With its fairy-tale-like setting, it’s an ideal spot for romantic dates or lazy brunches. The menu boasts a fusion of Italian and Mediterranean dishes that are as delightful to the eyes as they are to the palate.

Instagram: @diggincafe

Cost for two: ₹1700 – ₹1900 (approx.)

  1. Elma’s Bakery, Cakes, and Tea Room

Transporting you to a bygone era, Elma’s Bakery, Cakes, and Tea Room in Hauz Khas Village captures the essence of vintage English tea rooms. Known for its elaborate high teas, decadent cakes, and delectable scones, this café is a must-visit for those seeking a taste of old-world charm.

Instagram: @elmas.newdelhi

Cost for two: ₹1,800 (approx.)

  1. Kunzum Travel Café

More than just a café, Kunzum Travel Café is a haven for travelers and storytellers. The unique “pay what you like” concept fosters a sense of community and conversation. Adorned with travel paraphernalia and captivating photographs, this café is a meeting ground for wanderers and dreamers.

Instagram: @kunzum

Cost for two: ₹500 (approx.)

  1. Lavaash by Saby

Bringing the flavors of Armenia to Delhi, Lavaash by Saby offers an eclectic culinary journey. The vibrant interiors and the fusion of Armenian and Bengali cuisines create an unforgettable dining experience. The café’s commitment to sustainable practices adds an extra layer of appeal.

Instagram: @lavaashbysaby

Cost for two: ₹ 2000 (approx.)

  1. Ivy & Bean

A paradise for book lovers and coffee enthusiasts alike, Ivy & Bean is a charming café with a quaint bookstore. The combination of literature and lattes makes for a cozy retreat, perfect for spending hours lost in a good book or engaging in conversations with friends.

Instagram: @ivyandbeandelhi

Cost for two: ₹1,200 (approx.)

  1. Rose Café

Tucked away in the lanes of Saidulajab, Rose Café is a rustic oasis that offers a mix of Mediterranean, Italian, and Continental cuisines. The serene ambiance, adorned with vintage décor and lush gardens, creates a soothing atmosphere for a leisurely meal.

Instagram: @rosecafedelhi

Cost for two: ₹1,700 (approx.)

  1. Perch Wine & Coffee Bar

Combining the pleasures of fine wine and gourmet coffee, Perch Wine & Coffee Bar is a trendy establishment in Vasant Vihar. Its rooftop seating, extensive beverage menu, and delectable food options make it a sought-after destination for both day and night outings.

Instagram: @perchindelhi

Cost for two: ₹1,600 (approx.)

  1. The Grammar Room

With its minimalist aesthetic and delectable menu, The Grammar Room in Mehrauli strikes the perfect balance between modernity and comfort. From healthy breakfast options to innovative beverages, it caters to discerning palates in search of wholesome flavors.

Instagram: @thegrammarroom

Cost for two: ₹2,000 (approx.)

  1. United Coffee House Rewind

Paying homage to the iconic United Coffee House, United Coffee House Rewind in DLF Cyber City is a contemporary rendition of the timeless classic. With its fusion of traditional Indian and global flavors, this café provides a nostalgic yet fresh dining experience.

Instagram: @unitedcoffeehouserewind

Cost for two: ₹2,500 (approx.)

Delhi NCR’s Café culture is a tapestry woven with diverse flavors, styles, and experiences. From the aroma of freshly brewed coffee to the enchantment of vintage-inspired tea rooms, each café on this list offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring these top 10 cafés in Delhi NCR is a journey through the region’s culinary landscape that’s bound to leave you inspired and craving for more.

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