Skyscanner Launches in Hindi to Localize Travel Booking in India

Skyscanner Launches in Hindi to Localize Travel Booking in India
Skyscanner's introduction of its platform in Hindi marks a significant step towards addressing the needs of the Indian travel market.

Skyscanner is a renowned global travel search platform that has revolutionized the way people explore and book their travel arrangements. With its user-friendly interface and advanced search capabilities, Skyscanner enables users to effortlessly compare prices for flights, hotels, and car rentals from a multitude of providers, ensuring they find the best deals for their journeys. With a commitment to personalized travel experiences, Skyscanner’s innovative features and localized offerings, such as launching in Hindi for the Indian market, highlight its dedication to making travel planning accessible and enjoyable for travelers around the world.

It is a significant step towards enhancing user experience in India by launching its platform in Hindi. The move comes as a part of Skyscanner’s commitment to catering to the diverse linguistic and cultural needs of its Indian users, further streamlining the travel booking process and making it more accessible to a wider audience.

Empowering Indian Travelers

The launch of Skyscanner in Hindi represents a strategic localization effort aimed at making travel booking more user-friendly for millions of Indian travelers who prefer to browse and book flights, hotels, and car rentals in their native language. With Hindi being one of the most widely spoken languages in India, this move is expected to resonate strongly with users across the country.

Tailored Experience for Indian Users

The Hindi version of Skyscanner offers a comprehensive and intuitive interface, enabling users to search for and book travel options effortlessly. This localization initiative is in line with Skyscanner’s commitment to providing personalized and contextually relevant solutions to its users. By removing language barriers, the platform aims to empower Indian travelers to explore the world with greater ease.

Key Features of Hindi Skyscanner

  • Flight Search: Indian users can now search for flights, compare prices, and find the best deals on flights to both domestic and international destinations, all within the Hindi language interface.
  • Hotel Booking: The Hindi version of Skyscanner also enables users to browse and book hotels, making accommodation selection a seamless process.
  • Car Rentals: Users can conveniently rent cars for their travel needs, completing the entire booking process without any language-related hindrances.

Industry Experts Weigh In

Travel industry experts have lauded Skyscanner’s move to launch in Hindi, recognizing its potential to significantly enhance the travel booking experience for Indian users. Mr. Hugh Aitken, VP of Strategic Relations, commented, “Skyscanner’s decision to launch in Hindi aligns with the growing demand for localized services. This move will certainly strengthen its position in the Indian market.

The Indian travel and tourism sector is anticipated to reach a market size of $31 billion by 2027, rising at a CAGR of 13.47% between 2023 and 2027, according to a Statista analysis.

Skyscanner’s Commitment

Skyscanner’s foray into the Indian market and its launch in Hindi underscores the company’s dedication to offering a more inclusive and accessible travel booking experience. By tailoring its platform to cater to local preferences, Skyscanner aims to become the go-to choice for travelers seeking a seamless and hassle-free way to plan and book their journeys.


Skyscanner’s introduction of its platform in Hindi marks a significant step towards addressing the needs of the Indian travel market. With its user-friendly interface and localized approach, Skyscanner flight booking website is poised to empower Indian travelers, ensuring that they can explore the world and discover new experiences with utmost convenience and simplicity.

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