G20 Summit: Directions to Avoid and Hours of Operation in New Delhi

G20 Summit: Directions to Avoid and Hours of Operation in New Delhi
The venue of the summit will be on lockdown during the event. Access will be restricted to authorized personnel only.

As the G20 Summit gears up to host world leaders in the heart of India’s capital, New Delhi, residents and commuters are bracing for disruptions to daily life. This high-profile event, which will be held from September 8th to 510h, will usher in several temporary changes to the city’s operations.

Road Closures and Traffic Diversions

One of the most significant impacts of the G20 Summit will be road closures and traffic diversions. Several major roads in and around the summit venue, including portions of the Outer Ring Road and NH-48, will be closed to the public during the event. Commuters are advised to plan their routes carefully and consider alternative modes of transportation.

The Delhi Traffic Police have released a detailed traffic advisory, urging citizens to avoid certain routes and offering alternative paths to navigate the city during the summit. It is recommended to stay updated with real-time traffic information and follow the guidance of authorities.

Public Transportation Adjustments

Delhi Metro services will remain operational, but some stations near the summit venue may experience temporary closures or restricted access during specific events. Passengers are advised to check the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s website and social media channels for updates on station closures and alternative routes.

Bus routes may also be altered or temporarily suspended in areas affected by the summit. Commuters relying on public transportation should stay informed about these changes through official announcements.

Businesses and Educational Institutions

Many businesses and educational institutions in the vicinity of the G20 Summit venue are likely to remain closed or operate with limited staff during the event. Employees and students are encouraged to check with their respective institutions for guidance on closures, remote work or study arrangements, and any adjustments to regular schedules.

Closed Areas and Enhanced Security:

Several key areas in Delhi will witness increased security and restricted access during the G20 Summit. These include:

  1. Delhi International Convention Centre (DICD): The venue of the summit will be on lockdown during the event. Access will be restricted to authorized personnel only.
  2. Airport Express Line Metro Stations: Four metro stations – Dhaula Kuan, Delhi Aerocity, Delhi Airport, and Dwarka Sector 21 – on the Airport Express Line will remain closed from September 2nd to 6th to facilitate the movement of delegates.
  3. Major Roads: Expect road closures and diversions around the summit venue, including areas like Chanakyapuri, where many diplomatic missions are located.
  4. Red Fort: The historic Red Fort will be closed for tourists during the summit days due to its proximity to the event venue.
  5. Lodhi Road: Lodhi Road, one of the main routes leading to the DICD, will be partially closed for security reasons. Commuters are advised to seek alternative routes.

Public Cooperation is Essential:

Authorities have urged the public to cooperate with security personnel and follow instructions to ensure the smooth conduct of the G20 Summit. Delhiites are encouraged to plan their travel accordingly and be patient during the event.

The G20 Summit in Delhi is expected to address critical global issues, including climate change, economic recovery, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As world leaders converge in the capital, Delhiites are reminded to stay informed about security measures and plan their daily activities accordingly.

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