Ethecs Holidays: Revolutionizing Travel with Digital Transformation

Ethecs Holidays: Revolutionizing Travel with Digital Transformation
Ethecs Holidays: Revolutionizing Travel with Digital Transformation

Ethecs Holidays, a Pune-based travel company established by Enthusiastix Management Pvt. Ltd. in 2014, is embarking on a significant digital transformation with the launch of its travel portal This pioneering company, known for its unique travel experiences, is revolutionizing the tourism industry with an all-in-one service platform.

With nine years of expertise in the diverse tourism and hospitality sector, Ethecs Holidays is taking a bold step by offering an integrated travel portal where users can effortlessly book various tourism services, including domestic and international holiday packages, accommodations, activities, car rentals, flights, insurance, and visa services.

Ethecs Holidays is also introducing “Club Ethecs,” a program aimed at advancing the timeshare and condominium industry, taking vacation formats and thematic getaways to a new level, known as Ethecs 2.0.

Ameya Gatne, Managing Director of Ethecs Holidays, emphasizes the portal’s user-friendly design, intuitive interface, and adaptability to all devices. The portal’s powerful search engine enables users to explore and book activities, tours, tickets, car rentals, and travel insurance in a seamless and efficient manner. “Behind every great customer experience is a dedicated team of professionals and now there will be a travel portal and a CRM that connects each step of the consumer’s journey seamlessly. The new portal represents a significant leap in the quality of the user experience, with the web now being much easier, more intuitive and adapted to any type of device. It allows more specific searches and the most competent pricing options with comparison. One of the great novelties is that our portal’s powerful search engine allows exploring in a single purchase process, simply like’ Add to Cart ‘ not only of activities in the chosen destination – guided tours, visits to sightseeing places, any reservations of the venues-but also plane tickets, car rentals or travel insurances,” said Ameya Gatne, Managing Director, Ethecs Holidays.

This portal is specially designed for students studying abroad, offering them opportunities to become international channel partners with Ethecs Holidays, promoting India as a tourism destination within their networks and allowing them to generate additional income for themselves.

To enhance travelers’ experiences, Ethecs Holidays has launched a YouTube channel, EthecsHolidays (, providing unique insights and travel tips about destinations worldwide.

Additionally, Ethecs Holidays has appointed Gayatri Gatne as the new CEO, focusing on empowering women in the tourism industry through the industry’s first “Solo Franchise” opportunities, offering training and development programs for channel partners. “Women empowerment in the tourism industry is one of the areas where employment and entrepreneurship avenues are wide open. We have designed the industry’s first ‘Solo Franchise’ opportunities with a minimum investment and maximum ROI scope. Through Ethecs Holiday’s channel partner program exclusively intended towards generating more “womenpreneurs “, women with a career gap, house makers and anyone with a passion for tourism and hospitality can enter the realm of the travel industry. Ethecs Holidays is offering training and development programs for its channel partners to ensure the smooth functioning of the solo franchise owners with complete hand-holding support,” said Gayatri Gatne, CEO, Ethecs Holidays.

Furthermore, Ethecs Holidays has introduced “Forum Ethecs for Tourism & Hospitality” (FETH), a non-profit project aimed at supporting the tourism and hospitality industry, providing training, internships, placements, and franchise opportunities to generate over 100,000 employment opportunities.

The virtual launch event featured Shripadji Naik, Union Minister for Tourism and Ports for the state, as the Chief Guest, who commended Ethecs’ dedication and the bright future of tourism in India.

The event also included distinguished guests from various sectors, expressing their gratitude towards Ethecs Holidays and celebrating the partnership’s growth over the past seven years.

In closing, Komal Auti and Dilip Auti offered guidance and motivation to the audience, marking the launch of Ethecs 2.0, attended by numerous VIP entrepreneurs.

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