Thomas Cook India & SOTC Travel Introduce Private Journeys

Thomas Cook India & SOTC Travel Introduce Private Journeys
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Thomas Cook India and its Group Company, SOTC Travel, are at the forefront of redefining travel experiences in India. In response to a growing trend among Indian travelers, the companies have introduced a game-changing offering: Private Journeys. These personalized, premium tours conducted in chauffeured vans are designed to cater to the evolving preferences of discerning travelers who seek exclusive, immersive experiences.

Thomas Cook (India) Limited and its Group Company, SOTC Travel, have unveiled some intriguing insights from their India Holiday Report. This report highlights a growing trend among Indian travelers – an inclination towards premium and experience-driven travel, accounting for a significant 78% of preferences, coupled with a willingness to increase travel expenditures, which stands at a notable 80%. Responding to this evolving demand, and perfectly timed for the upcoming festive season, these companies have introduced Private Journeys – personalized, premium tours conducted in chauffeured vans.

Targeted towards High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs), multigenerational families, spontaneous groups of friends, and romantic honeymooners, Thomas Cook and SOTC’s Private Journeys redefine the travel experience.

Mr. Rajeev Kale, President & Country Head – Holidays, MICE, Visa, Thomas Cook (India) Limited shared, “Indians are displaying an increased appetite for exclusive and premium experiences. Our Private Journey portfolio is hence aimed at addressing unique preferences of our discerning customers. These personalised tours are a hybrid between a group tour and a self-drive holiday with an expert local chauffer – making it a perfect option for an in-depth exploration. These tours are fully customisable, private holidays that empower customers – to design their holiday, their way!”

Mr. Daniel D’souza President & Country Head – Holidays, SOTC Travel Limited expressed, “We are witnessing increased preference for non-standard experiences and leisurely paced holidays. This was the genesis of our Private Journeys with the onset of India’s festive season offering us an opportune time to launch this unique portfolio. What makes Private Journeys distinct is that it empowers the customer to be spontaneous and choose experiences as per their preferences and on-the-go!”

The Changing Landscape of Indian Travel:

The India Holiday Report from Thomas Cook India and SOTC Travel has unveiled fascinating insights into the changing dynamics of Indian travelers. Today, travelers are increasingly seeking premium and experience-driven travel, with 78% expressing a desire for such journeys. Moreover, 80% of respondents are willing to increase their travel budgets to fulfill these aspirations.

Private Journeys: A Response to Growing Demand:

To address this evolving demand, Thomas Cook India and SOTC Travel have introduced Private Journeys. These meticulously curated tours are targeted towards a diverse audience, including High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs), multigenerational families, spontaneous groups of friends, and romantic honeymooners.

The Privilege of Personalization:

What sets Private Journeys apart is their high degree of customization. Travelers have the unique opportunity to craft their journeys according to their preferences. From selecting destinations and driving routes to choosing stops along the way, outdoor activities, and dining experiences, every aspect of the tour is tailored to the traveler’s liking. This level of personalization makes these tours truly private and allows travelers to explore destinations at their own pace.

Unique Experiences Await:

Private Journeys curated by experts offer exclusive experiences that enrich the traveler’s journey. Highlights include panoramic tours of historic locations like Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, with photo stops at Anne Hathaway’s cottage and Shakespeare’s wife’s childhood home. Travelers can immerse themselves in Britain’s medieval history with private tours of Warwick Castle and Windsor Castle. Sports enthusiasts can delve into the world of the Paris Saint-Germain Football club, while adventure seekers can enjoy ATV rides, Jeep safaris, and paragliding over Turkiye’s stunning rock formations. Other unique elements include personalized photo shoots against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps and gastronomic dinner experiences under the stars with Bustronome.

Key Highlights of Private Journeys:

  • Premium, private vehicles with professional local English-speaking drivers.
  • Centrally located 4-star hotels with breakfast included.
  • Itineraries covering festivals, wildlife experiences, and unique cultural and historical elements.
  • 24×7 local emergency helpline for customer safety and reassurance.


Thomas Cook India and SOTC Travel’s Private Journeys offer a fresh perspective on travel, where experiences are as essential as destinations. With unparalleled customization and a commitment to delivering unique, immersive experiences, these tours empower travelers to design their holidays precisely the way they envision them. As travelers seek to explore the world in a more personalized and meaningful manner, Private Journeys emerge as a pioneering offering that will redefine travel in India.