Top Indian and Global Travel Startups in 2023

Top Indian and Global Travel Startups in 2023
Top Indian and global business travel startups making waves in 2023

The landscape of business travel is evolving at a rapid pace, driven by technological innovation, changing work dynamics, and an increased focus on sustainability and efficiency. In 2023, a slew of startups have emerged to address these evolving needs, transforming the way professionals travel for work. Here, we present the top Indian and global business travel startups making waves in 2023.

  • TravelTriangle

TravelTriangle enables customers to make unique travel arrangements with a local travel agency. The business connects clients with regional experts who offer reasonable solutions. They can also use interactive commentary to haggle prices with local tour operators.

Travelers can obtain individualized vacation experiences at a relatively reduced cost thanks to TravelTriangle’s network of partners.


Year of Establishment: 2011

Founder(s): Prabhat Gupta

  • Ixigo provides vacation planning and research services. Along with offering trustworthy travel advice and ticket sales, the company has successfully entered the mobile app sector. The ixigo trains app has dominated the market among other apps.

Before launching mobile apps and content, was a travel meta-search engine, and this is now one of their primary features. Simply put, you may choose the most economical options for flights, accommodation, trains, and buses with the help of their travel meta search engine. is not an online travel agency because it doesn’t charge for services like proposing airline and hotel deals. Users are sent to the website of the company offering the bargain of their choosing by clicking on it.

Through their app, Ixigo provides the most dependable ticket booking experience. One of the most downloaded apps for Indian trains, the app also offers in-depth information about trains.


Year of Establishment: 2006

Founder(s): Aloke Bajpai, Dharmendra Yashovardhan, Rajnish Kumar

  • Taxidio–ltd-

The “one-size-fits-all” philosophy doesn’t actually work when it comes to travel. At least not in the current environment, where customers want experiences that are more customized. Taxidio, a Mumbai-based company whose name is Greek for “travel,” seeks to close this exact gap. Vishal Kejariwal, 35, and Abhas Desai, 36, two travel fanatics, created the business.

Users of the online DIY (Do-it-Yourself) trip planner can submit a few simple facts about their travel tastes and style, and Taxidio will then produce a list of potential places. The startup also gives consumers access to 19 interest-based selection criteria, on the basis of which it makes suggestions for places to visit and things to do while on vacation. The firm also has a joint venture with and for the reservation of hotels and attractions.

  • The Unhotel Co

These days, tourists want more than simply a holiday that is specifically tailored to them; they also want to experience the local culture. Manish Sinha and Shilpi Singh, a husband and wife team dedicated to satiating this desire, established The Unhotel Co in 2016. The travel firm caters to a new generation of international travelers as well as the premium local market by providing unconventional lodging, unusual trips and treks, and immersive events.

“In a world of cookie-cutter hotel experiences, we wanted to celebrate the uncommon and the offbeat,” says Manish. “We go beyond the destination and the itinerary, and focus on the authentic story of the place, people, monuments, culture, and food.” Through its startup, the company offers a wide variety of unique experiences. These excursions, if the founders are to be believed, include home-in-a-village vacations, tracking rare species in the Northeast, renting an island, and mindfulness travels.

  • goMowgli

The concept of hop-on, hop-off buses is introduced by Mowgli. Travelers can easily purchase a pass for a predetermined number of days from the corporation, which operates a fleet of buses in various states. This idea was once exclusive to the West. It enables you to board a bus and disembark at any location without being restricted by predetermined plans.

  • SeekSherpa

SeekSherpa connects you with locals in the city you’re visiting by offering a distinctive platform. The business conducts a background check before hiring these “sherpas” and provides a range of itineraries, including heritage walks, photographic excursions, and sightseeing. The special requirements of tourists who enjoy mingling with locals are catered for by SeekSherpa.

  • Byond Travel

Beyond Travel, a start-up with headquarters in Bangalore, offers more than 100 memorable travel experiences in 40 different nations. Travelers can obtain a variety of vacation experiences with Beyond vacation, including animal excursions, houseboat explorations, deep-sea diving, etc. Vikram Ahuja created the business.

  • Trip38

Trip38 provides a superior customer experience in terms of local content once your booking is confirmed by fusing the power of mobile and travel. This company specializes in mobile travel technology solutions and is driven by the way tourists discover new places. Regardless of the method and location of the booking, Trip38 operates globally and offers local content in real-time.

  • Routofy

Routofy is an online travel site that offers customers a distinctive and forward-thinking travel experience. It incorporates transportation modes like flights, trains, buses, and taxis to give users a well-planned trip schedule. With the use of Routofy’s route-planning services, people may learn “how to get to” any desired location and choose an appropriate path based on price, travel time, and accessibility.

  • Tripvillas

Through the website Tripvillas, travelers can reserve vacation rentals and host families in place of hotels and resorts. Travelers who stay with the company get to stay in lovely, huge family homes. Roshan D’Silva established Tripvillas in late 2009. Roshan originally intended to develop a website where owners of private residences could easily build a profile for their residence and connect with people who were interested in staying there.

  • Tripoto

Users can design itineraries for upcoming travels using the Delhi-based start-up Tripoto. By soliciting suggestions and ideas from other travelers, the company hopes to assist customers in making travel plans. It not only takes on in a fantastic destination that you have never explored but also lessens the stress and tension associated with travel planning.

Here, we explore the top GLOBAL travel startups in 2023 that are transforming the way we explore the world.

  • Skift

Skift is a respected voice in the travel industry with its finger on the pulse of global travel trends. The business provides priceless insights and real-time analytics into the rapidly changing travel industry.

The business publication initially concentrated on the United States and Europe, but it has recently increased its coverage of Asia and India. The Skift team is growing in India, and the newspaper has made clear that it intends to devote more time and energy to the enormous international travel industry.

Headquarters: New York, New York, United States

Founder(s): Rafat Ali, Jason Clampet

Year of Establishment: 2012

  • Skipper

Skipper provides a completely reinvented booking and payment experience for both visitors and hoteliers. Skipper improves what matters most to hotels, such as direct conversion, revenue, cash flow control, and security, by integrating with their existing IT platforms.

Built by a group of seasoned hospitality professionals, Skipper provides hotels with specialized e-commerce solutions and guarantees a simple check-in for guests, whether they are visiting San Francisco on business or Spain on holiday.


Headquarters: New York City, NY

Year of Establishment: 2020

Specialties: Travel, Hospitality, Technology, and eCommerce

  • Citycatt

There are many businesses that make it simple to book travel arrangements. However, Citycatt goes over and further by offering consumers a customised itinerary based on suggestions from neighborhood “Catts,” or travel influencers.


Location: Orlando, Florida

Founder(s): Lizia Santos, Lis Sommerville

Year of Establishment: 2017

  • Luxury Travel Hackers

Luxury Travel Hackers uses influencer marketing to design vacations that look good on Instagram. Customers can watch travel content produced with the assistance of powerful influencers and then easily book their ideal holiday through social media.


Location: Los Angeles, California

Founder(s): Gary Kohn, Katie Warner

Year of Establishment: 2019

  • Tripsider

Tripsider, an app that matches users with the ideal trip based on everything from their interests to their budget, comes in second on our ranking of the best travel startups. The business likens its technology to a dating app, which matches users with a travel expert through text or phone call based on values, past interactions, and goals. Experts can provide tools to help tourists formally confirm their reservations, relieving them of one more anxiety.


Location: San Francisco, California

Founder(s): Olga Bortnikova, Ivan Bortnikov

Year of Establishment: 2018

  • TravelPerk

TravelPerk is a leading online platform that simplifies business travel management. Business travelers can manage their trips and expenses with the aid of TravelPerk. Catering primarily to corporate travelers and organizations, TravelPerk offers a user-friendly website that streamlines the entire travel booking process. It provides a wide range of travel options, including flights, hotels, and transportation, all in one place, making it easy for businesses to manage their travel needs efficiently. TravelPerk also integrates powerful features for expense tracking, policy compliance, and reporting, helping companies save time and money while ensuring a smooth and compliant travel experience for their employees. With a focus on transparency and customer-centricity, TravelPerk has become a go-to solution for businesses looking to optimize their travel management processes.

  • Comtravo

Comtravo is a travel and tourism company that focuses on travel management, business travel, and online reservations. It specializes in simplifying corporate travel booking and management. Their platform leverages AI and automation to streamline the entire booking process, making it efficient and cost-effective for businesses. Comtravo provides a user-friendly interface for booking flights, accommodations, and transportation, with features tailored to meet the needs of corporate travelers. Additionally, their platform offers expense tracking, policy compliance, and reporting tools, helping companies gain control over their travel expenses and ensure compliance with company policies. Comtravo’s innovative approach to corporate travel management has made it a trusted choice for businesses looking to optimize their travel processes and reduce administrative burdens.

As the world of business travel continues to evolve, these startups are at the forefront, addressing the changing needs and expectations of professionals on the move. With innovations in sustainability, technology, and convenience, these companies are reshaping the future of business travel in 2023 and beyond. As they gain momentum and support, we can expect further disruptions and enhancements in this critical sector of the global economy.

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