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Max Pro Flash+: India’s First Interchangeable Case Smartwatch

Max Pro Flash+: India’s First Interchangeable Case Smartwatch
Max Pro Flash+- India's First Interchangeable Case Smartwatch

Maxima, a leading player in the smartwatch sector that has consistently impressed Indian smartwatch enthusiasts with its technologically advanced and stylish offerings, has introduced a touch of luxury to wearable technology with the introduction of interchangeable strap-cum-cases for their Max Pro Flash+ smartwatches.

In a groundbreaking move for the Indian market, Maxima now presents the option of interchangeable metallic and silicon straps with cases, enabling users to effortlessly switch between formal and casual looks according to their preferences, thereby elevating their style.

According to Manjot Purewal, Managing Partner of Maxima, “Maxima scripted a new move for the smartwatch enthusiasts, with dual case option with which they can make a preferred statement in preferred time. Max Pro Flash+ offers one metallic chain and one silicone strap that gives users options for all moods. With the advanced watches, users can easily swap the looks of the watch-heads between available cases. The team of experts at Maxima has always been fervently dedicated towards leveraging technological innovations to introduce best-in-the-market products in the Indian market, and Max Pro Flash+ is another testament to the fact,”

In addition to the innovative interchangeable cases, Max Pro Flash+ boasts a range of impressive features, including a stunning 1.91″ Ultra HD display with high resolution and advanced RGB color output for captivating visuals. The watches also offer exceptional clarity with 600 Nits brightness, ensuring easy readability even in direct sunlight. The Active Crown Function adds a touch of sophistication, while wireless charging enhances convenience.

Max Pro Flash+ further enhances the user experience with its user-friendly features, such as a smart interface with a dial pad, quick access to favorite contacts and recent call logs, and precise navigation with an inbuilt compass. Users can also enjoy seamless Bluetooth calling for on-the-move connectivity, thanks to the advanced Realtek Chipset. The watch features personalized watch faces with over 200 cloud-based options and premium metallic cases that exude sophistication.

Beyond its style and technological prowess, Max Pro Flash+ is an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts, offering comprehensive health monitoring features including heart rate (HR), blood oxygen (Spo2), and sleep monitoring functionalities. Users can access the active crown feature and choose from over 100 sports modes tailored to their lifestyles. The Maxima SmartFit App, included with the watches, transforms them into more than just gadgets – they become lifestyle choices, ensuring a seamless and stable connectivity experience.

Know more about Maxima:
Maxima is a well-established brand with a vision to provide high-quality products to a wide range of consumers. It offers an exclusive range of watches suitable for all age groups and is known for its strong product standards and sleek designs. Maxima also provides excellent after-sales service across the country, with service centers located at each distributor location. The brand has gained widespread consumer acceptance due to its commitment to accuracy, reliability, quality assurance, and trusted after-sales service.


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