Airtel Introduces Budget-Friendly International Roaming Packs

Airtel Introduces Budget-Friendly International Roaming Packs
Airtel Introduces Budget-Friendly International Roaming Packs | Motiverge Travel

Bharti Airtel, one of India’s leading telecommunications service providers, has introduced affordable international roaming packs, catering to the needs of customers traveling abroad. These innovative packs cover access to 184 countries and offer tariffs starting as low as Rs. 133/day, positioning them as a cost-effective option compared to local SIM cards. Alongside competitive pricing, the packs provide enhanced data benefits, in-flight connectivity, and round-the-clock contact center support.

In a bid to streamline the customer experience, Airtel has simplified the process of international roaming. Customers traveling to any of the 184 countries covered by the packs no longer need to subscribe to multiple packs for different destinations. Instead, they can conveniently select the duration of their travel and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity worldwide through a single pack, all at an affordable rate.

Expressing the company’s commitment to solving customer problems and enhancing convenience, Amit Tripathi, Director of Customer Experience and Marketing at Bharti Airtel, said, “At Airtel, our mission is to solve customer problems and offer greater convenience. We are happy to launch affordable and simplified international roaming packs that will enable seamless roaming access to customers travelling anywhere in the world. The packs offer greater value with enhanced benefits that are economical when compared to local in-country sims across many countries. The new pack truly redefines our value proposition for customers and gives them the freedom to use data and voice at an affordable tariff.”

Here are the key features of the new International Roaming Pack:

  • Affordable packs starting at Rs. 133/day, offering competitive pricing compared to most local SIM cards.
  • One comprehensive plan for worldwide travel, enabling seamless connectivity across borders with a single pack.
  • New features, such as an auto-renewal feature for frequent travelers, eliminating the need to purchase the pack multiple times. This feature, accessible via the Airtel Thanks app, ensures hassle-free travel for customers on the go.

With these initiatives, Bharti Airtel aims to enhance the international travel experience for its customers, providing them with affordable, convenient, and reliable connectivity options wherever they go.

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