Interview: Debasish Muduli, Founder and CEO, Soil to Soul Resorts

Interview - Debasish Muduli Founder and CEO, Soil to Soul Resorts
Interview - Debasish Muduli Founder and CEO, Soil to Soul Resorts | Motiverge Travel

Soil to Soul Resorts is a beacon of boutique luxury dedicated to immersing guests in nature’s marvels, encouraging a break from technology to rediscover life’s simple joys outdoors. Recently expanding to Udaipur and Ektanagar, these resorts promise an extraordinary journey and reconnection with nature. In Udaipur, blending cultural charm with modern comforts, and in Ektanagar, offering holistic experiences amidst nature’s embrace, Soil to Soul Resorts epitomizes sustainability and luxury. Culinary delights and unique experiences await, reflecting a commitment to enriching travel experiences globally, with upcoming launches in Dwarka and Sasan Gir.

In an exclusive email interaction with Motiverge Travel, Debasish Muduli, Founder and CEO of Soil to Soul Resorts, shares insights into the inspiration behind creating the resorts, emphasizing a disconnect from technology and reconnecting with nature. The interview delves into how Soil to Soul Resorts immerses guests in local culture, defines luxury in nature-oriented experiences, maintains distinctive character across diverse locations, incorporates local flavors into culinary experiences, and integrates wellness practices. Muduli also discusses trends shaping hospitality, Soil to Soul’s role in sustainable tourism, and offers advice to aspiring environmentally conscious entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry.

Below are the excerpts from the interview:

Your resorts focus on providing a getaway from technology and embracing nature’s beauty. What inspired you to create Soil to Soul Resorts?

The inspiration behind creating Soil to Soul Resorts stemmed up when I was working at  The Fern Gir Forest Resort, SASAN GIR. I served there from 2013 to 2018 for 5 Years. It’s the place where you find yourself in solace and close to nature. As I grew up and my entrepreneurship ideas stemmed up, I always thought of making something where the guests disconnect themselves from technology and reconnect them with nature. In this fast-moving world today when people spend so much time on social media, we urge them to spend time in peace listening to stories of the place and see their kids play in mud. This brings them close to nature and makes them grounded. They actually feel the essence of life and how we need to be as we grow up in our life. We want guests to immerse themselves with nature and achieve inner peace.

Soil to Soul Resorts aims to immerse guests in local culture and natural surroundings. How do you ensure that each guest leaves with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the destination they’ve visited?

We ensure that each guest leaves with a deeper understanding with the pace and appreciates the destination where they are travelling. We have made activities which bring them close to the local surroundings and nature like guided tours to the local places, villages, farm visits, local heritage visits, playing in mud, evening story sessions, puja at the nearby temples etc. Further before the guest comes in, we ensure that the itinerary of guests is ready and they have a fixed schedule. We believe in meaningful interactions which makes them knowledgeable about the local traditions, culture and ethnicity of the place. Our vision is not only giving the guests stay at our resorts, but panning their travel and giving the experiences in the best possible way. 

Soil to Soul Resorts
Soil to Soul Resorts

How do you define luxury in the context of nature-oriented travel experiences?

Luxury, in the context of nature- oriented travel experiences, is defined by the sense of exclusivity, personalized service and attention to details that enhances the guest’s overall well being and connection to nature. Our activities like – local area visit, farm visits, nursery visit, local village tours, trekking, playing with the local people etc. create harmonious balance between comfort, sustainability and immersive experiences that elevates their senses and nourishes the soul.

With expansion plans in Dwarka and Sasan Gir, each offering unique experiences, how do you maintain the distinctive character of Soil to Soul Resorts while adapting to diverse locations and clientele?

While expanding the new locations, we maintain the distinctive characters by adhering to the basics of the local experiences as much as we can. We involve local people more in our resorts so that they can give the maximum to guests whatever they know about the local place in the form of storytelling. Every place has their unique themes and stories and so we uphold the same. The authenticity of the land can only give true experiences. So if you go to Dwarka you can enjoy a guided tour to Lord Dwarkadhish temple with the stories about Rukmani Temple and Bet Dwarka. Same wise if you go to Gir, your days will pass with so many stories of the Lion Kings and the Siddi Tribal people. 

Soil to Soul Resorts - Motiverge Travel
Soil to Soul Resort | Motiverge Travel

Culinary experiences play a significant role in the Soil to Soul Resorts experience. How do you incorporate local flavors and traditions into your menus while also catering to international tastes?

At all our resorts you will find small intimate menus specially curated for the guests. We believe in procuring locally and giving the guests local taste from the region. The name of our restaurants are “Terracotta” which is a form of soil work and believes in simple, local and traditional dining. At the same time, we strive to cater to all our guests’ needs in the form of international tastes, also providing a range of options which appeal to their palate. 

The concept of wellness tourism is gaining momentum. How does Soil to Soul Resorts incorporate wellness practices into its offerings?

At Soil to Soul Resorts, wellness is not just a trend but our SOP. We offer a range of holistic experiences including yoga and meditation. We are speaking to our owners and promoters to have a spa at each of our resorts as we feel its an essential part of wellbeing. So, next time you are at Gir or Udaipur, you can enjoy a massage which will rejuvenate your body and senses. Apart from that we also focus on physical exercises like trekking and exploring nature. We are also working to have temples in each of our resorts where guests can worship and get spiritual experiences to heal their soul.

As the tourism industry evolves, what trends do you foresee shaping the future of hospitality, and how is Soil to Soul Resorts prepared to adapt and innovate in response?

As the tourism industry evolves, we foresee a growing demand for sustainable practices, personalized services and immersive cultural counters. We also see an increase in religious tourism nowadays. Soil to Soul Resorts is prepared to adapt to the same and stay ahead by having small experiential resorts in all these destinations and promoting soulful experiences for guests. Udaipur and Statue of Unity (Kevadiya) are places of historical interests, Gir and Velavdar (Upcoming) are for wildlife experiences and Dwarka and Somnath for Religious Tourism. We will always try to foster local communities giving an edge to guests by connecting them to nature. We are small boutique hotels which have a tagline ~ Get Connected to Life with us. 

Team at Soil to Soul Resorts
Team at Soil to Soul Resorts

What role do you see Soil to Soul Resorts playing in shaping the future of sustainable tourism on a global scale?

Soil to Soul Resorts is committed to shape sustainable tourism by promoting environment conservation, adapting to save local communities and advocating for practices that preserve the soil and the land. We believe to lead by example at every location we are present so that we can inspire others in the best possible way. We will inspire the local hoteliers also to work as a team and make a positive impact on the planet. 

Finally, what advice would you offer to other aspiring entrepreneurs looking to establish environmentally conscious businesses in the hospitality industry?

    For aspiring entrepreneurs I would advise them to dream big and dream from the heart. The growth has to be not only for oneself but for the whole community. Stay true to yourself and lead from the front. Support the young hoteliers, be a source of support and knowledge giving so that they grow along with you. Prioritize sustainability and give back to society. Listen to guest feedback and continually improve and evolve. Remember success is not just measured by profits, but by the positive impact which you do to the environment and people working with you. 

    Anything else you would like to share?

      At the end, I would express my gratitude to Motiverge Travel for giving a young aspiring entrepreneur to share the story of Soil to Soul Resorts on this platform. We as a brand look forward to embarking a journey of experiential travel with all our guests and get them connected to nature and life. Thank you.

      In conclusion, Debasish Muduli’s insights shed light on Soil to Soul Resorts’ dedication to providing unique and immersive experiences in harmony with nature. As we continue to explore innovations and trends in the travel and tourism industry, Motiverge Travel remains your go-to source for the latest updates, trends, and more. Follow us for more captivating content and stay informed about the evolving landscape of travel and hospitality.

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