IndiaSkills 2024: Honoring Hospitality Talent from April 27 to 29

IndiaSkills 2024 Hospitality Competitions | Motiverge Travel
IndiaSkills 2024 Hospitality Competitions | Motiverge Travel

The Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council (THSC) is preparing to host the IndiaSkills 2024 Hospitality Competitions, scheduled for three days from April 27 to 29 at the Institute of Bakery and Culinary Arts and Hotel Saket 27 in New Delhi. This event is a key component of the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship’s IndiaSkills 2023–24 initiative, highlighting emerging talent in five major hospitality areas: bakery, cooking, restaurant services, patisserie and confectionery, and hotel reception.

Participants from across India competed for a spot in the IndiaSkills Track-II Competitions 2024 in Delhi. Following a thorough selection process, including a multiple-choice question (MCQ) assessment and practical competitions, 194 individuals were chosen for the five hospitality skills. IndiaSkills 2024 serves as a stepping stone to the esteemed WorldSkills competition, recognized as the world’s largest skills event and often likened to the ‘Olympics of Skills’.

Rajan Bahadur, CEO of THSC, emphasized the significance of IndiaSkills 2024, stating, “These competitions play a pivotal role in identifying and nurturing vocational talent in India. We are enthusiastic about contributing to an event that not only promotes skill development but also empowers young professionals to represent our nation globally. Our partnership with the National Skill Development Council (NSDC) and various industry collaborators underscores our dedication to cultivating the next generation of skilled champions.”

The competitions aim to discover and support promising talent through training and guidance provided by a team of experts from diverse colleges, academies, industries, and institutes. The top three winners in each of the five skills at the IndiaSkills Competition will undergo intensive coaching and participate in additional competitions to determine the individual who will represent India at WorldSkills Lyon, France.

The IndiaSkills 2024 Hospitality Competitions present a valuable platform for young professionals to exhibit their expertise and gain national acclaim. An expert panel from leading colleges, academies, and institutions will evaluate participants, ensuring a rigorous and impartial assessment process.

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