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Latest Events & Conferences Updates

At Motiverge, we cover events & conferences related news, announcements and latest updates, awards & recognition, and new products/solutions/services launch happening across the globe. Here are some of the latest news updates that you would not like to miss!

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Events/Launch News/Awards/Conferences Updates

  • New Delhi, India: Blue Nudge, a leading advocate for environmental conservation, is all set to become the new holder of a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the “Most Paper Collected in 24 Hours”. An astonishing 3.5 lakh students from across Delhi NCR have eagerly joined forces to champion the noble cause of safeguarding Mother Earth from the […] The post Blue Nudge Aims for GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ with Environmental Conservation Leap appeared first on Motiverge Travel.
  • The Academy of Vedic Vidya, a leading institution at the forefront of Vedic science and occult Knowledge, announced its partnership with Astrotalk, one of India’s most visited astrology websites. With this partnership, the Academy of Vedic Vidya becomes Astrotalk’s hiring partner, providing unprecedented advantages to its students. Established in October 2022, the Academy of Vedic […] The post Academy of Vedic Vidya and Astrotalk Partner to Expand Vedic Wisdom appeared first on Motiverge Travel.
  • New Delhi, India: Schneider Electric, the global leader in energy management and next-gen automation solutions, has launched the Schneider Electric Innovation Yatra to commemorate its 60th anniversary of operations in India. This carbon-neutral journey will traverse 60+ cities in India, celebrating Schneider Electric’s six-decade-long presence in the country. The initiative reinforces the company’s commitment to […] The post Schneider Electric Launches 60 Cities Innovation Yatra appeared first on Motiverge Travel.

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