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  • Founded in January 2020 by Jitendra Dhaka, Sandeep Choudhary & Ex-Banker Himanshu Pujari, Delhi based startup BankSathi  will use these funds for product development, team building and executing marketing and growth plan. Delhi based fintech startup BankSathi Technologies has raised $200K seed funding round from Group of angel investors including Dinesh Godara, Founder TREAD (Ex-Unacademy), […] The post BankSathi, a Fintech Startup Raises USD 200K Seed Funding appeared first on Motiverge.
  • LawSikho, a leading online law education company, has announced the launch of a certificate course in US Intellectual Property Law and Paralegal Studies to assist lawyers from developing countries to get remote international work in the area of IP. Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO at LawSikho The classes will be available online. There will also be live […] The post LawSikho Launches US Intellectual Property Law & Paralegal Studies appeared first on Motiverge.
  • Lyla Blanc is among a handful brands that are Indian and have made it out of the country. It has not only managed to penetrate the Indian market, but they are actively concentrating on the consumers of the Middle East, London, Paris and New York. This Mumbai based brand started as a startup focusing on […] The post Lyla Blanc : An Indian Perfume Brand Reaching New Heights Globally appeared first on Motiverge.
  • In an attempt to fight the surging cases of pandemic related scams, Ramanuj Mukherjee, a lawyer turned Edtech entrepreneur initiated a pro-bono legal platform, Lawyers Against COVIFRAUDS for lawyers to come together and check the miscreants taking advantage of the pandemic to cheat hapless patients. Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO at LawSikho Till date, over 100 lawyers from almost every state in India have joined the initiative and started taking legal action against scammers who take advantage of helpless COVID patients and their family members. With the second wave creating a shortage of oxygen and life-saving medicines, there have been numerous cases […]
  • Despite the many challenges, specially abled people are turning entrepreneurs and succeeding at their own businesses. Today, as we write this, we are here to celebrate one of these entrepreneurial heroes, Surashree Rahane who challenged the odds and turned the tide with her brand, 'Yearbook Canvas'. Surashree Rahane, Founder and CEO, Yearbook Canvas Surashree has always stood up for the fact that anybody who dares to dream can work hard and turn those dreams into reality. An alumni from reputed institution like FMS, Delhi, Surashree Rahane is a highly impressive talent, bagging awards like "Leader of the year" guided by […]
  • DressBio is inspired by the fierce, independent and beautiful women, and each design created by DressBio is a testament of classic, old world charm fused with modern, innovative elegance. With every thoughtful stitch on carefully selected fabric, with every intricate detail on a single design, DressBio weaves the complexity of the contemporary woman in our clothing. Rosie Gulati Founder DressBio The Founder, Rosie Gulati switched her full time travel job to pursue her career to explore her passion for clothes & fashion. It's where the journey of an entrepreneur started almost 6 years back & today, She is ready to […]
  • An Initiative by INCO from DOT School of Design To remove all apprehensions from the minds of design students and pave the way for their future in the design field, 'Aala' an interactive design convention was organised by Industrial Connect (INCO) from the Chennai-based DOT School of Design for its students in the city recently. DOT School of Design Organises Aala INCO, an initiative of DOT School of Design that helps enhance career prospects while addressing the industry's ever-changing needs. DOT School of Design also furthers the spirit of entrepreneurship in budding minds. Aala served as an interactive platform for […]

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